The defining word I would use to describe my healing work is unique.  One on One private session vary person to person and moment to moment. So, each session, with each individual and each individual’s session is unique. I choose to live in the present and enter each session with that intention. I have trained and honed my skills to look for and at certain things and the rationale facet of my brain enjoys focus concentration, and determination.

My main focus is our true essence, our authentic self, our spirit, soul, who and what we truly are before all the stories. It is from this place, I believe, we deviate from when dis-ease arises.   recognize this true essence as the love vibration.  I believe our natural state is one of Love.   Each session is a homecoming, a coming home to ourselves, where our whole, authentic self remembers we are perfect, divine beings. It is from this space I practice and hold as a facilitator.  As it is our natural state, it is easy to access this , it’s the holding it and consciously recognising it that may take time or practice.

Over the years I have realized that as soon as a client sets an appointment with me, the work is already happening. It is as if we are already working together. Case depending it varies in its subtleness. Generally the morning of the session the client becomes very aware of the session and the subtleness becomes less subtle. Again every person is different and this can play out differently for everyone. Some may see it in their digestion or feel more energized or fatigued than usual. Some may notice synchronicities more readily, again it’s all case dependent.

Private sessions generally follow certain protocols or steps, but sometimes sessions can shift and we may we follow different steps.  Being open to guidance and my adaptability are strengths here, because that means I come to each moment with a fresh perspective.

Distance sessions and In-person sessions follow the same procedures, the only difference being in-person, clients rest, fully clothed, on a massage table (if their physical body permits).

Typically, each session begins with a discussion of what is drawing the client to see me. Past client’s topics have varied between autoimmune diseases, depression, curiosity, marital problems, next lifestep moves, digestive and eating disorders, deceased family member contact, the list goes on.

Generally my second step with clients involves crystals. Clients psychically pick certain crystals generally 3-10 out of roughly 200 I caretake. They communicate messages to me which apply to the particular session. These crystals offer clear communication between my client’s higher self and my higher self.

The next step generally is breath work and what I call LightBody awareness. The breath work is a way to come more fully into the present moment, the here and now. Bringing awareness and healing with conscious breath to the psychical body. Focusing on the breath is an ancient practice of quieting the mind. I find it useful this application and also acts as a guide for me to view where the breath gets “stuck.”  By working with the visual of light and conscious direction of it we integrate the awareness of the light within ourselves, the light that we are, our LightBody. This step of light visualization is very helpful in expansion of awareness. I find that as our awareness expands we shift beyond form into formlessness; this place is where the physical becomes metaphysical. It is here where sessions move towards the next phase.

Once people’s brain’s have entered the alpha state upon breath work, they are more relaxed but aware. In this space I enter the vibrations which exist beyond our 3rd dimensional reality and I journey with the client as they navigate themselves. As a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient being, I am able to receive information many ways. I see pictures and scenes, hear voices and receive messages, and feel in my body where clients have blocks or tension (stuck matter) in theirs. In addition, I access our multidimensional existence which means I may see you from a different lifetime (past, present, or future), explore multiple outcomes to questions at hand and am also be able to see / communicate with the “all that you are a part of” and that is a part of you. Being an open channel of possibility, if your spirit guides are present they generally will make their presence known. If the ArchAngels have something to share with you they will likewise make their presence known. Ascended masters have come through in sessions, the Buddha, Quan Yin, Chris Consciousness, Mother Mary, Sophia, Star Beings, and Galactic Kin, and many others. Every client has the opportunity to connect with anyone, thing, or place they’d like. It is always them, their higher self, guiding the session.

I hold an anchor to this realm by holding a space of infinity and act as an interdimensional translator. In my experience, the linear time it takes a client to reach a state of higher vibrational awareness varies. Some reach it during the early breathwork, some 50 minutes in. But it is 100% attainable regardless of the “stories” surrounding it, because it is our true essence. Just as an onion has many layers, each one serves a purpose and we get to choose how quickly and how thoroughly we unfold it. The work is very much like this: It transcends time and distance. I believe we create our reality, while curing is different from healing, I believe we can heal anything. Some people benefit from multiple sessions as they navigate the waters of their existence. And some people have healed themselves of their “ailment” and “dis-ease” in one session. Each session, each individual, and each individual’s session is unique.