How can I Help

I chose to come to earth at this evolutional moment of existence to help people remember. Remember who they truly are; Remember they are amazing, loving beings capable of much more than they may realize. If I can help just one person see this, feel this, know this, then I have been successful.

In addition, I know two lights shine brighter than one, so being able to help people on a wider scale, ie.larger audiences, is an interest I have. Whether that is traveling and offering classes, retreats, or talks or helping to create a center or centers where people can come for retreat.

I know that when we feel love within, when we can truly know this vibration, that we are more able to share this with others.  Helping people to become more familiar with their natural state of being, so that they feel more at home in their skin is a sentiment and knowingness I feel we can all benefit from.  It is this I hope and aim to help people re-align within themselves.

My private practice and workshops help to bring my hopes into physical manifestation.