Background & Training

My experience with the MetaPhysical started before I can remember.  As a child, I played with many “imaginary” friends.  I could describe them in detail as all had distinct, varying personalities and appearances, and were responsible for mischief around the house. Continually blamed for these incidents, my parents didn’t believe that it wasn’t me, and chalked it up to a child with an “active imagination.” Sometime after university I approached my mother about my “imaginary” friends.  She told of a time when I was playing (with my best “imaginary” friend, Harry) and something was knocked over.  She was so angry and upset I wouldn’t accept responsibility for it.  She said, “alright, that’s it!  Where is he?” She couldn’t see him, so I had to specifically point him out.  Then she “pretended” to pick him up, walked to the door, literally kicked him out, and said “Harry, you are not welcome here anymore. Good bye!” and then closed the door.She said I cried for days, asking when he would come back.  After recounting the story, I asked, “well, did he ever come back?” “No”, she replied.  “And did the mischief stop?“ “Well, come to think of it, yes” she said.  It is now clear, that I was connecting with other realms effortlessly.

Another time, under the age of 5, I explained in full clarity, meeting my Great GrandMother. I was able to offer full details of how she looked, things we discussed, her demeanor.  The interesting fact is that she had passed many years before I was born.

As time passed and, my “gifts” became regarded as “imagination” or not “appropriate” outside the house, and I was forced into a strict, regimented New Jersey lifestyle. While I played the academic and athletic role well, I always felt  like something was missing. Like there was more to life.

Fast forward to 2008, I moved to the Northwest, living amongst many vortexes and nestled between two majestic volcanoes. One morning while in meditation, I received guidance to purify my entire system, I did and within 3 days, ALL of me came back.  My psychic levels were through the roof. It was as if Twenty five years of repressed energy did not happen at all. It was incredible!  Within days I was invited to another meditation circle and found my hands moving in very distinct patterns, although I didn’t really understand what was happening.  It seems clear to me now, at that time, my soul’s awareness was beyond my human consciousness.  I asked the group facilitator what I was doing with my hands, and remembered she just smiled and connected me with a woman who would become one of my teachers.

The next nine months were totally life changing and a total re-awakening.  I was led to a Pranic Healing Certification where I learned I had been seeing Prana my entire life, but didn’t know that it was something. I flew through multiple levels of Pranic Healing, as it came very naturally and was all very familiar.  Next I was led to study Reiki. Upon completing the first two levels over a weekend, My teacher was guided to push me through all levels immediately, despite the fact that traditionally, the multiple levels are taught over a few years time.  Again, it all came naturally, as I realized I had drawing the ancient Reiki symbols throughout my life, and not knowing they too were something.  After Reiki came Matrix Energetics,which likewise, were energies I was already working with, but now had words to describe.  After Matrix Energetics I trained as a Medical Empath and worked to hone my skill in this way.  Again, all of this took place within 9 months of that initial meditation!

Early 2009, two major initiatives took place.  First, I was asked to facilitate workshops at a local Crystal Shop, which I continued to do so, monthly through March 2013, until I moved to Hawaii, and have since returned twice to offer classes. Additionally,  I was asked to join the Healing Arts Cooperative of Hood River, Oregon, where I established a private practice, seeing clients on a one on one basis.  I still maintain that practice from a distance, via phone sessions, and in-person sessions when I go to the Northwest.

During this time I also volunteered with a group of healers to bring this work to HelpingHands, a rehabilitation center for abused women and childrens in Oregon.  For sixth months, we worked with the program directors helping them to cultivate strong inner reserves of strength, clarity and compassion.

In 2010 I was guided to study Sound and Color Therapies.  Building on my foundation of psychological brain functioning, which I double majored in college these therapies helped offer new insights, new perspectives, new possibilities.  Studying and applying Cymatics, the effects that sound and vibration have on matter, helped to bring more a more focused understanding on vibrations, mental or thought patterns, and how they affect the  physical body.

This  led me the Dolphins and their sonar and the multitude of healings people have experienced after being near them.  Shortly, I found myself in Hawaii to be with the wild Spinner Dolphins.  I witnessed people “breaking” thru long-held fears, experiencing joy as they hadn’t in many years, expressing love for themselves and others. Inspired by what I experienced on personal levels and seeing others connect in similar ways, led to the possibility to be with the dolphins more regularly,and in 2013, the Island of Hawai’i became my home.

Being here on Hawai’i has offered me the opportunity to work with many new teachers and “new” modalities.  As each moment progresses, I continue to open myself to new possibilities, furthering my experience on this Earth to act as a channel of Love, Light, and Truth. To be able to assist others in the recognizing of their own inherent magic.